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Nail Artist – Nail Decoration

nail_decorationNail decoration – There are more and more claims for unusual, decorated nails. Even French nails can be regarded as decorated. This can be made by varnishing the own nail or the artificial nail (however, it is not good to varnish a strong artificial nail as its abrasion-resistance is not the same as an artifical nail). Also by applying white soft gel on the nail extension (we can use gel even on acrylic nail). The third way is the afore-mentioned built French nail where the extension is made by applying white gel or acryl on the whole thickness of nail.

More decorative solutions can be achieved by different techniques applied with coloured varnishes, gels and acryls (the theory and practice of which can be learnt on a decoration training course):

  • patterns made with pin
  • patterns painted with brush
  • combined technique
  • other (drawn, dripped, etc.) technique

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Nail Artist – Nail gels

nail_gelsAmong CRYSTAL NAILS GELS the builder gels (except for the pink ones) are one-phase gels which have so high an adhesion strength that they do not require extra base gel (they themselves are used as a base coat in a thin layer). Continue reading

Nail Artist – Nail-care products

nail_careCRYSTAL NAILS NAIL-CARE PRODUCTS have been developed by engineer specialists of Luxemburg with the aim of making the best nail care products and nail polishes in the world which surpass the quality level of large nail care brands. When defining the components we excluded the use of the harmful DBP. Due to their extremely high saturation they are highly abrasion-resistant and long lasting. Continue reading

Nail Artist – Acrylics



CRYSTAL NAILS ACRYLICS are the most developed base materials of one of the world’s oldest chemical factories. POWDERS contain very clean and very carefully adjusted grains reflecting the optimal grain dispersal graph which, after leaving the heat reactor in the manufacturing process, have been dried in a centrifuge with the utmost care and by mixing them with liquid we receive a cream textured material. The diversity of added pigments ensures the wide choice of colours. In addition, powders contain colour stabilizer and plasticizer additives in favour of their yellowing-exemption and easy usage. LIQUID is a newly developed (MMA-free), strong, odorous fluid which contains an anti-yellowing additive. Continue reading