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Nail Artist – Acrylics



CRYSTAL NAILS ACRYLICS are the most developed base materials of one of the world’s oldest chemical factories. POWDERS contain very clean and very carefully adjusted grains reflecting the optimal grain dispersal graph which, after leaving the heat reactor in the manufacturing process, have been dried in a centrifuge with the utmost care and by mixing them with liquid we receive a cream textured material. The diversity of added pigments ensures the wide choice of colours. In addition, powders contain colour stabilizer and plasticizer additives in favour of their yellowing-exemption and easy usage. LIQUID is a newly developed (MMA-free), strong, odorous fluid which contains an anti-yellowing additive.




We finish our handbook by describing briefly some professional basic materials distributed by Crystal Nails. Though prices are not indicated here, always keep in mind that prices have to be estimated by comparison with the value received in return (price/value ratio). It is value beyond price if the artificial nail builder has steady self-confidence that he/she applied the best material and his/her guest will not return with nails broken or fallen off. It is highly worth paying that extra 1 or 2 hundred forints (in comparison with the cheapest gels) which is used up in the amount of 1 g per guest. The same is true for both manicure and pedicure materials.

The business policy of Crystal Nails is the following: both the customer and the seller will be satisfied if there are quality products in the shop which have been provided with a lower mark-up and in larger guantities.

In addition to professional skill, the knowledge and usage of new technologies and materials is also an essential requirement in the artificial nail business for getting new guests and keeping the old ones. Crystal Nails, by continuously making new technologies and materials of leading brands available, ensures adequate means for success; though the key to our willingness to change and renewal is under our control.