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Nail Artist – Nail-care products

nail_careCRYSTAL NAILS NAIL-CARE PRODUCTS have been developed by engineer specialists of Luxemburg with the aim of making the best nail care products and nail polishes in the world which surpass the quality level of large nail care brands. When defining the components we excluded the use of the harmful DBP. Due to their extremely high saturation they are highly abrasion-resistant and long lasting.

However, this would extend their drying time which we have managed to eliminate by applying a new component. We also increased the liveliness of their colour and their brightness to the maximum. Selecting a brush carefully is important in favour of accurate work and lack of stripes, and the guests arriving for manicure are attracted by the nice bottles and abrasion-resistant labels. We took care of even such a tiny thing as putting larger – sized shaking balls into the bottle than those found in other polishes so that they can be shaken up better. The nail strengthening effect of nail care products and polishes is ensured by the added agents – protein, myrrh, seaweed extract, vitamin E, calcium.