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Nail Artist – Nail Decoration

nail_decorationNail decoration – There are more and more claims for unusual, decorated nails. Even French nails can be regarded as decorated. This can be made by varnishing the own nail or the artificial nail (however, it is not good to varnish a strong artificial nail as its abrasion-resistance is not the same as an artifical nail). Also by applying white soft gel on the nail extension (we can use gel even on acrylic nail). The third way is the afore-mentioned built French nail where the extension is made by applying white gel or acryl on the whole thickness of nail.

More decorative solutions can be achieved by different techniques applied with coloured varnishes, gels and acryls (the theory and practice of which can be learnt on a decoration training course):

  • patterns made with pin
  • patterns painted with brush
  • combined technique
  • other (drawn, dripped, etc.) technique

Decoration with coloured varnish was the most common technique previously. The main reason for this is that the up to one dozen coloured gel types available so far could not be used as variously as the wide choice of varnishes. This has lately changed when IBD, the leading American gel manufacturer, began to provide more than 60 mixed colour gels with different effects (top coat, clear, glittering, pearl, hologram, etc.)

Basically the currently spread gel decoration is originated in the fact that gel coating is far more long lasting (it does not wear off and cannot be dissolved); can be worked with very easily (only begins to set under the lamp and does not flow so easily as the varnish) and last, but not least, it provides magnificent decoration options.

Due to the good abrasion-resistance of coloured gel and coloured acryl they are equally more suitable for coating artifical nails than the varnish. However, if we place an artificial nail that is coated with coloured gel next to an acrylic coated one it is striking that, due to the structure of its material, the gel has more lively and clean colours. And of course, generally speaking the advantage of gels over the acryl is that they are odourless and easy to use. However, acryl is definitely a much older technology but I would not say that it is even more developed as the newest IBD gel is as good as the best acryls in strength, lastingness and adhesion. In addition, acrylic nails can be decorated with gel which does not work vice versa.