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Nail Artist – Nail gels

nail_gelsAmong CRYSTAL NAILS GELS the builder gels (except for the pink ones) are one-phase gels which have so high an adhesion strength that they do not require extra base gel (they themselves are used as a base coat in a thin layer).

During their selection it was also considered that they are the most expensive gels among those that are produced in an extremely wide choice, but of course it is another question that by the time they get to the consumers – due to the Crystal Nails’ pricing policy – they are even cheaper than many of their competitors. The heat emission produced by their setting has been chemically adjusted so that their heat curve will not have a sudden peak, therefore they do not burn the guest’s nails like other gel types. Though pink builder gels (the two types of Pink Builder and Cover Pink) are not one-phase types, it is enough to apply only a thin base layer of Crystal Nails Builder Clear under them; and their colour has been selected so that they do not look nice only in the bottle but –  in contrast to many other pink gels – have a nice brilliant pink colour even after the setting has been finished. These gels are very strong; they could break only if we did not make them thick enough above the stress line (C -curve). However, we have to take care of this since the material’s own strength is not enough for holding, we should work on it statically as well.

It was possible to put so much pigment in Crystal Nails gels (in favour of extremely good coating and the definite lineation capacity) because the applied gel sets even to low UV light, so the setting is not shaded by too much pigment. However, for this reason we should be careful not to expose them to sun light or diffused light (e.g. an UV lamp turned there, or a ceiling light or table lamp which are lighting blue). The glitters of BRILLIANT collection, which contain special substances and have been specially ground, are uniquely intensive gleaming components of these particular gels.